About us

Silver Yachts & Repair LLC is a newly established company formed by an organization whose members have over a decade of experience and expertise in yacht repair and services.

Silver Yachts & Repair LLC and services established with main purpose of providing all types of repairs including docking facilities at Dubai maritime city and Jadaf shipyard. We have capability of undertaking afloat repair works at different marinas at UAE.

Silver Yachts & Repair LLC provide high quality, affordable one time solutions to create and cultivate long term professional relationships with clients by encouraging ongoing communication to achieve the highest standard of performance.

Our Director

Leaders develop the Mission, Vision, Values and Ethics and act as a role model. Our leader and Director, Mohammad Ali Abdulla Alghaithi have implemented strategies based on adapt to change, enhancing knowledge, support innovation and emphasis strong communication with stake holders.

With plentiful experience in the maritime and yacht industry and by building turnkey projects, we aims at establishing our self as best in yacht repair services. Our policies focus on empowering people to continuously deliver and exceed the expectations. Following are the policies that reinforces governance, operational excellence and sustainability.

Our Vision

A dynamic team with real depth of experience and a passion for what we do. Our breadth of knowledge means that highly trained and efficient multitasked team ready for anything that may occur and quick to respond to customer needs concerns.

Our Mission

Silver Yachts & Repair LLC is a team with expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacity and potential. Our objective is a commitment to the highest safety quality and customer service. The client satisfaction is our main focus, reached though innovative and cost effective repair services.